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Tablet Filling Line

Tablet Filling Line

Features & Advantages

• Accurate filling, owing to its unique design features.
• High speed operation.
• No container No fill operation
• Replacement of Manual Labor. Means more cleaner and hygienic packaging
• Low wastage of material.
• Stable operation and lower noise.
• PLC control system (optional).
• Output: - Up to 40 Bottles per Minute depending on the size of the bottles

Total Powers Speed Product Configuration

10 kW

Up to 40 Bottles Per Minute
(Depending on the size
and Shape of the Bottles.

Tablet & Capsule. Turntable + Ultra Violet Unit
+ Tablet Counting & Filling
+ 4 Head Capping + Induction Sealer
+ Coding Unit + Turntable.

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