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Automatic Single Head Eight Nozzle Cream Filling Line

Automatic Single Head Eight Nozzle Cream Filling Line

Features & Advantages

• The container will be coming from the foil sealing Machine will be taken into the entry turret of the capping machine, with the help of the screw feeder for proper Separation.
• The caps dumped into the 2 vibratory Feeder will come out of the chute after orientation.
• Diversion Unit convert double track caps into single track.
• The caps will be picked up by the Containers from the chute, while moving to the capping heads. The capping heads will have capping tool with torque adjustment (if required). 
• When the caps come below the capping head, the capping tool comes down and the cap gets pressed.
• After capping the capped Containers will be released on the output conveyor through exit turret. 

Total Powers Speed Product Configuration

5 kW

Up To 120 fills per minute
( Depending on the Fill quantity
and the Shape & Size of the Containers )

Cream Cream Filling + Cap Pressing Machine

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