Automatic 4 Head Rotary Capping Machine JET-CAP-4HDRT

Automatic 4 Head Rotary Capping Machine JET-CAP-4HDRT

Features & Advantages

Simple Design.
High Speed Operation.
Low Power Consumption.
Main Features of Capping Machine -“No Container - No Cap arrangement".
Online / Offline Operation can Possible.
Our machines are also for applying Round or other shape of Glass, Plastic, PET, LDPE, and HDPE Bottles with the aid of change parts or capping head.
Minimum Labour Requirement. 
The machine has output up to 80 Bottles/Min depending on the size and shape of the Bottle.
Online operation possible with filling machines.


Total Power Speed Product Power Input Air Consumption

2.5 kW

Up to 80 BPM (Depending on the
Size and Shape of the Bottles)

Hing powder bottles, custard powder/chocolate
powder bottles/ coffee powder jars,
milk bottles, Ghee Bottles, milk powder bottles,
juices, syrup, honey.

1 kW, 3ph, 440V, 50Hz 4-5 CFM