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Automatic Cap Pressing Machine JET-CPR-AUTO

Automatic Cap Pressing Machine JET-CPR-AUTO

Features & Advantages

• Simple Design.
• High Speed Operation.
• Low Power Consumption.
• Online / Offline Operation can Possible.
• Our machines are also for applying Round or other shape of Glass, Plastic, PET, LDPE, and HDPE Bottles with the aid of change parts or capping head.
• Minimum Labour Requirement. 
• The machine has output up to 60 Bottles/Min depending on the size and shape of the Bottle.


Speed Product Dimentions

60 BPM (Depending on the
Size and Shape of the Bottles)

Hing powder bottles, custard powder/chocolate
powder bottles/ coffee powder jars, milk bottles
, Ghee Bottles, milk powder bottles,
juices, syrup, honey.

2400 (L) X 1800 (W) X 2000 (H)

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