Automatic 2 Head Cream Filling Machine JET-CF90

Automatic 2 Head Cream Filling Machine JET-CF90

Features & Advantages

• Simple Design.
• Lower initial cost.
• Minimum Labor Requirement.
• 2 head Cream Filling Machine gives Up to 90 Fills Per Min depending upon the container size and the product characteristics.
• Better efficiency.
• Online / Offline Operation can Possible.
• Accurate weight control.
• Low wastage of material.
• Capability to handle a wide range of products & pack sizes.
• Accurate high filling, owing to its unique design features, 


Total Powers Speed Product Filling Quantity Air Consumption

1.5 kW

Up to 40 fills per minute
(Depending on the Fill quantity
and the Shape & Size
of the Jars/Containers.

Honey, Cheese, Liquid Chocolate, Jam ,
Jelly, Sauce, Ketchup, Ointment,
Cream, Lotions, Sun Screen, Shampoo.

10 Gm- 1 Kg (with The
Help of Change Part)

3 - 4 CFM