Over Wrapping Machine (JET-OWR)

Over Wrapping Machine (JET-OWR)

Features And Advantages

• Eye-catching look. High gloss and clarity of pack and visual appeal.
• Prevent moisture damage.
• Only Three Surfaces comes into Contact of Heat for Few Second.
• Low Power Consumption.
• Durable and tear-resistant with tough seals.
• Quality Finishing as compared to finish of any intermediate pack.
• Servo Model available.
• Speed: Up to 40 Packs per Minute

Total Power Speed Product Carton Sizes Air Consumption Dimension of Machine

2.25 kW


Tea Bag , Pre Mixes carton , Biscuit carton,
Soap carton, Perfume Carton ,
Cosmetic Cream Carton ,
Hukka Flavor Carton , Hukka , erasor ,
Cards, cosmetic cream carton,
cosmetic cream tube carton ,
perfume box, hookah carton
50 mm X 10 mm X 7 mm to 250 mm
X 140 mm X 100 mm
4-5 CFM/ 5-6 kg cm² 2050MM (L) x 2450MM (W)
x 1700MM (H).