Over Wrapping Machine (JET-100-OW-P)

Over Wrapping Machine (JET-100-OW-P)

Features And Advantages

• High speed wrapping.
• Suitable for Pharmaceutical.
• S.S. Guards as per GMP standard.
• Rotary cutter for smooth cutting of the film.
• Retractable/stationary head sealers. 
• Hopper Feeding only.
• Digital temperature controller.
Speed: Up to 100 Packs per Minute Depending on size of carton & efficiency of the operator.

Total Power Speed Product Carton Sizes Air Consumption Dimension of Machine

2 kW

Up To 100 pack /min.

Depending on the cartons

Pharmaceutical Carton 50 mm X 10 mm X 7 mm to 250 mm
X 140 mm X 100 mm
6-7 CFM/ 5-6 kg/cm² 2660 MM (L) x 700 MM (W)
x 1900 MM (H)